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Power through Sydney’s largest indoor karting arena. Enjoy our fumeless karting experience with our electrifying karts that go up to 85km/h on our newly built track. Whether you race individually or with friends, you’re in for a ride to remember.



(13 years + ) Height Requirements:

148cm Max weight 120kg

  • 1×10 mins $35
  • 2×10 mins $60
  • 3×10 mins $80


(8-12 years + ) Height Requirements:

120cm Max weight 120kg

  • 1×10 mins $25
  • 2×10 mins $45
  • 3×10 mins $60

PLEASE NOTE: Annual licence fee of $15 is required prior to participating in E-Karting. This licence fee includes a Balaclava.


Junior Height Requirements: 120cm

Adult Height Requirements: 148cm

Maximum Weight: 120kg

Note: “Meeting the height requirements is NOT a guarantee you’ll be able to race our karts. Final approval will be at Management’s discretion”.

  • Go Karting is potentially a dangerous activity and may result in serious injury including death.
  • Zero tolerance to drug & alcohol. Don’t drink and drive. (0.00 BAC)
  • No food or mobile phones in track area.
  • Pre-existing health conditions or pregnant women are not permitted.
  • Minimum age for go kart drivers is 8 years of age. Any go-kart driver aged 8-17 must be accompanied by a parent and/or legal guardian aged 18 years or older.
  • Entertainment Park (E-Karting) reserve the right at any time to remove its consent for patrons to remain in and or return to the premises.
  • If any Entertainment Park staff member has any doubts about your ability to drive or believe that you are under the influence of either drugs or alcohol you will not be permitted to drive a go-kart.

Always Remember:

  • No Dangerous Driving
  • No Crashing
  • Stay In Control